About Us

We are committed to giving aspiring and talented footballers the best opportunities to develop their God-given talents and to prepare them to be champions on the pitch and in life. Our youth-centred approach and relentless innovation has helped us develop what we believe is one of Nigeria’s most attractive sports brand and a community of fans and advocates.

We are generally acknowledged as Nigeria’s most innovative and well managed football club. Our vision is to give our people, young and old, the best opportunities in and outside Nigeria, on and off the pitch to make their dreams come true.

The City of Lagos Football Academy is open for young boys between ages 12 and 21 and is geared towards helping them get the right start to football development and possibly build a career in football. Our Academy provides young players with an opportunity to develop, learning new techniques and skills, all under the guidance of our coaching staff using top-class training facilities.

It is a high-level and intense soccer training to create a smooth transition into the next level. The players of the Academy are exposed to high level football competitions locally and internationally. Our Academy also open up pathways to a possible football career in Nigeria and ultimately, Europe for attendees.